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Let me do a bit explaining: ‘Rue du Canal’ is a waltz by Serge Desaunay (who used to be with La Chiffonie, for those of you interested in prehistoric matters) and it is featured on an excellent recording with the same title. And now a new group has appeared with exactly the same moniker playing the waltz with the same name… Serge Desaunay and Kieran Fahy are a bit like kinfolk and are keen to tour as a duo when the opportunity arises, and if you get the chance to see them performing together do not hesitate for a second. As the one who initiated the group and a bit of a Belgicized Irishman, Kieran Fahy is in his element joining musical forces with Ray Barron, the Irish mandolin player from Two Time Polka, while Serge has already performed in Lille with Gaspard Vanardois on the guitar (and other plucked instruments). ’A Franco-Irish band ‘from our part of the world’ and their guiding principle is the pleasure of playing together. Rue du Canal comprises not only four top-notch musicians but a quartet of very amiable personalities. Not one of them would dream of grabbing an unequal share of the limelight, as underscored by the way Serge Desaunay‘s accordion alternates smoothly with Ray Barron‘s mandolin or Kieran Fahy‘s violin, while Gaspard Vanardois takes exceedingly good care of the rhythm section. The repertoire is made up of melancholy airs that incite people to dance, a blend of musettes and waltzes, interspersed with klezmer tunes or tangos, in the midst of which the musicians reach the heights of skill with lashings of affection for the music they are performing. A perfect soundtrack as you settle down to read your favourite Simenon novel, while savouring a splendid glass of wine or beer. Rue du Canal is the kind of band that will always stay ‘under the radar’: these musicians are obviously more committed to making music than making management deals but it is well worth hunting down their CD in the less prominent store area categories. Honest music played by honest musicians!

(Marc Vandemoortele).





Formed in early 2013 Rue du Canal was created as a vehicle for performing the compositions of legendary French accordionist Serge Desaunay. Serge started off playing with La Chiffonnie a groundbreaking French folk group of the 70’s. After that he spent several years playing music with his brother Patrick. Après La Pluie (1979) and Le Beau Temps (1984), the two albums released by the brothers, are regarded today as milestones in French folkmusic. While mainly concentrating on Serges compositions, Rue du Canal also traverses the musical styles of musette and tango. Rue du Canal also includes Ray Barron on mandolin/mandola, Kieran Fahy on fiddle and Gaspard Vanardois on guitar/oud.Kieran originally from Tuam, County Galway has been living in Belgium since 1983. At present he tours regularly in France, Holland and Belgium with his band Shantalla. He has recorded on over 30 CD’s to date. Kieran also contributes some of his compositions to the mix. Ray has been playing music for over 35 years. He has toured all over Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand. He is renowned for his dexterous and exciting mandolin playing. Ray has recorded four albums with his group Two Time Polka and continues to tour and play with the band on a regular basis. Gaspard has played with Serge in their Eastern European styled gypsy band Taraf Borzo.His guitar playing drives the whole combination along with its gypsy swing type accompaniment. Gaspard also plays the Arabic oud which brings an exotic taste of the East to the band.

The first album of Rue du Canal “1er étage” is out now.

Une grande partie du répertoire de « Rue du Canal » comprend des compositions de l’accordéoniste

Serge Desaunay, raison pour laquelle ce groupe s’est formé en 2013. Depuis une trentaine d’années Serge est une référence pour l’accordéon diatonique en France.

Dès 1970, il débute avec le groupe « La Chiffonie ». Ensuite il fonde avec  son frère Patrick le « Trio Desaunay » .

Leurs deux enregistrements « Après la Pluie » et « Le Beau Temps » ont marqué leur époque.

« Rue du Canal » interprète également quelques suites d’Amérique latine , des tangos,

des musettes ,,, Un spectacle au riche univers.

Les deux Irlandais du groupe sont le violoniste Kieran Fahy  (Shantalla, Hot Spoons )  et le mandoliniste Ray Barron (Two Time Polka, Hank Wedel).

Quant à la France, elle est présente avec Serge Desaunay à l’accordéon (Taraf Borzo, La Chiffonie)  et Gaspard Vanardois à la guitare et à l’oud (Taraf Borzo, La Panika).

Quatre musiciens de renommée internationale qui tournent partout en Europe avec leurs groupes respectifs.

« Rue du Canal » a enregistré son premier CD en 2013 : « 1er Etage ».

Listen some tracks here : https://rueducanal.bandcamp.com/

Videos here :

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